trial version of NAVISION ATTAIN

hi, it’s possibility to find anywhere a full-trial-version of NAVISION ATTAIN 3.6 in german? regards oskar

On you can find an English Version

hi Sven, many thx for the link. i already have install the navision attain 3.60 client. :slight_smile: it’s possible with this trial-version to setup the permission to try the functionality of the object designer? when i try to “design” a form that already exists, then i receive the following message: — You do not have the permission to read the ‘Item Card’ form. Contact the system manager if you need to have your permissions changed. — is it not possible to try this functionality of Navision Attain with this trial-version? bye Oskar

You should be able to have a play with the Object designer. If your using the demo license then there are only certain object you may change. According to the UK version the restrictions are as below - I guess the version you have will be the same. Table 18 can be modified - fields 99,990 - 99,999 can be inserted Forms 21 and 22 can be modified. Form 99,999 can be inserted Report 101 can be modified. Report 99,999 can be inserted. You can’t play with codeunits. regards, Adam Seaton