Trial Balance report Format

Hi All,

I am Looking for a trial Balance report

Should be in follwoing format

Opening Transaction Closing

Dr. Cr. Dr. Cr Dr. Cr.

Where Opening ( Closing of Last Month) Transaction ( Transaction with in the month) Closing ( Opeing+Transaction)

Pls let me know which report option i will use to see this type of report…

You need to customize the report for the format you require or you can also configure the report in Account Schedule.

Is it possible in Account Schedule?

Lets say I want 2 Columns - Debit & Credit where I want to show net amount (Debit - Credit) rather than net changes of both Debit & Credit amount. In Account Schedule column layout you have an option to choose Column Type - Net change and then Amount Type Debit Amount or Credit Amount. But when we run account schedule report both columns are filled in. I want to display in the same way as it appears in Trial Balance.

Please suggest.

i can’t See picture uploded


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Thanks in Advance