Trial Balance Question Related to Close Year end


Obj: Need to have comparison btw janury 2010 and January 2011

And I want to have a Financial statement where I can compare January 2010 and january 2011 figures.

However I need to enter mensual amounts in my Trial balance . Do I do that after or before closing the year 2010?? Do I have to close 2010 year? I need to still be able to compare all my figures.

Any Help will be appreciated.


When you close Income statement, these entries are posted in GL with special date (having C before it, e.g. C31/12/2010).

All reports which are affected by these entries, which balance out all Income Statement GL accounts to PL account, have

  • either an option to include or exclude these closing entries
  • or, if this option is not present in Report form, are already designed to ignore them, knowing that otherwise data are meaningless.

so it does not matter - have you closed your FY or no.