Trial Balance for a cost center doesn't balance.

Dear All,

We have defined diff. cost centers in a company. There are transactions between 2 diff cost centers,now when we generate the trial balance for a cost center the fig. doesnt match. Is there any solution to see the trial balance cost centerwise that is balanced.

You will need to run the report for each cost centre, then look at the ledger balances by cost centre and see where you start to go wrong, and then narrow this down by date. The obvious guess is you have transactions in the GL that did not have the dimension attached, but have been put into the GL for the cost centre, easy way to look at this is to filter on the transactions where the dimension does not match your expected dimension.

Thanks for the reply, is it possible to generate the trial balance cost centerwise in a given company…Dr/Cr balanced? .We have defined projects as cost centers in a company…now we need Projectwise(cost centerwise) P&L, Balance sheet and trial balance. This is were we are currently facing problem, able to generate the P&L but the trial balance is not tallied as there are transactions that are part of diff. projects also.

The trial balance will not balance unless every transaction is aligned to a project. You can get the reports out if the data is held in completion - you need to verify this first. There are also project based reports for the profit and loss, but there is not a balance sheet due to its nature and that it is generally not assigned directly to each project in this manner, but in reality you need a project and finance consultant to advise you here.

It will only get balanced - when every voucher posted with the cost center reference should have equal debit and credit[:)]

Make sure your setups and transactions should follow that…