trial balance doesn't show all accounts in AX?

Hi, I have a strange AX behaviour (not sure if this is standard). When I see the trial balance (GL → Common → trial balance)

i see only few accounts - 1 Bank (out of 2), inventory accounts, sales tax, usage account. I created a dimension set for Main account and selected that. I didn’t have any transactions posted though. Also noticed that the ledger calender show 1/1/2012 as opening period (i created this a month back). I am able to create a new fiscal calendar where all 13 period shows up.


Should I associate a new fiscal calender to the Ledger or leave as is as we would like to bring the balance from legacy ERP as we move to next year? What could be the reason for periods only showing 3?

any one can help? Much Appreciate it

Which version is this?

Manually key a temporary account in - does it appear?


When you create new financial dimension set, have you rebuild and updated balance. These two buttons are available in dimension set form.

Try that and run the trial balance report.

Also, the fiscal year that you have created is having only one period and it is yearly. This is not recommended as you won’t be able to do hold any transactions which are required in normal practice. I will suggest you to create period on monthly frequency. You can modify the existing calendar.


Hello Adam and Pranav, it is AX 2012 featurepack. I created another dummy account and added that to the chart of account. And ran the update balance for the Main account dimension set. However, I still don’t see that account in the Trail Balance Common → Trail Balance. I see all the accounts in the Main Accounts Form. They are all linked to the account structure. I only have two - 1 for balancesheet and 2 and another for P&Lexpense.

For each main account, I defined account type, account category, close, Close type set to not applicable, currency (USD), validate posting/user/currencycode are optional. For tax accounts I selected Posting type as SalesTax

I noticed that when I look at the dimension code i see hash integer (i don’t know what they are). I haven’t posted any transactions so far.