Trial balance consolidation, balances differs during consolidation in AX 2012

Hi AX experts

I am having this issue, have to consolidate 2 USA entities with USD currency dont understand why the balances differ while comparing the account balance

Also under consolidation not showing the begining balances

Following steps performed:

Consolidation online: selected 2 entities, period and dimension

Opening transaction: ran year end closing

-Rebuild under financial dimension

Please advise am I missing any step

Thanks and best regards

I would recommend you do the following. The first thing in these cases is always like to simplify the problem. What I am recommending that you try is to do a consolidation without dimensional information. However I would like to you to take one of the dimensions and rather than passing the dimension pass at the company number. This can be done in the configuration for the consolidation. The advantage of this is if you are still out of balance you will have the balance by company within the consolidation. This may not explain why but it certainly gives you more information on where the source of the problem might be coming from.