Tree Structure in AX 2012

I want to make a tree structure in AX 2012, which has nodes and sub nodes and then finally depending upon the valve selected, a grid is populated. How do I proceed? How this is done in AX 2012. I have referred TutorialForm_Tree. Is it the same that should be referred in case of working in AX 2012. ?? Is there any standard form in AX 2012 that is somewhat similar to the one I want to create??

Please help me out with this.


You can look at category hierarchies functionality in AX for reference which use Nest set model.

These hierarchies are shown as tree structure on forms but are saved in database using the nested set model. They use two fields NestedSetLeft and NestedSetRight using an algorithm to maintain the tree structure. You can look at table method EcoResCategory::rebuildNestedSetTree to know how these values are generated.

You can know what is Nested set model here :

EcoResCategory and EcoResCategoryHierarchy tables in AX 2012 which you can look at.