TRAX - carrier portal, integrating maps into routing

Hi all,

I am looking forward for information on Advanced TRAX and AXLE ( AX logistics execution by bluehorse shoe):

I have few requirements like:

  • I want to know possibilities of having a carrier portal similar to vendor portal in AX2012 R3. Is it possible to have a carrier portal, where a carrier can perform the activites like register their invoices, look up for the loads assigned to the carrier, accept of reject or reject the load. can it be added to AX. Can someone give a insight on this?

  • Can we integrate maps into routing in transportation management in AX, where it can display the user the logistic route with multiple stops?

  • i would like to know if anyone have extra information on the AXLE developed by Bluehorse shoe, the functionalities, how is it added to AX?


I would really appreciate if anyone can furnish me with these details.