Transpoter INV + Customer Inv - two Invoices generate

Hi all,

I am working with Nav 5.0 SP1 , IN Localization.

One customer placed a sales order .

So that sales invoice amount has two parts.

  1. Item amount - 1000

  2. Transport amount - 200

Then system should create the two invoices when i create the sales invoice .

  1. Sales invoice for - 1200( Item cost , Transport cost )

  2. Transporter Invoice - 200.(company has to pay that 200 /- to another supplier like transporter )

how it is possible .

You want to give the customer 2 invoices from one sales order - split because one is transport and one is an item? Then I suggest you pick one, ship it and invoice it, then do the other. Why any customer would want two invoices though is beyond me. Are you sure you are not getting confused with teh supplier invoices coming in for goods and services and the use of item charges to uplift base costs?

Thanks Adam Roue,

May be i did not explain my query .

Now i am explaining one more time very well.

Company has Customer A .

Customer placed the sales order . customer told transport charges i will pay ship the material to ware house.

so Here transporter asked 200/- to transport the material.

so I created this transporter as A vendor .

So i when send the sales invoice to customer that invoice amount should have Line amount + Transport amount ( 1000+ 200).

Here i will send the only one Invoice to customer about 1200/-.

but when i create the sales invoice then system should create the two invoices one is for 1200 , sales invoice .

IInd one is Purchase iNvoice - 200(for Transporter ).

I think this is possible in INdian Localization.

so please let me know if the know the solution.

The creation of a separate purchase invoice based upon a set line when a customer invoice is generated is not standard.

If you believe this exists in teh Indian Localisation I would strongly suggest you post these questions in that forum.