Hello DUG :slight_smile:

I’m developing a RTC report on NAV 2009, in wich i need to show on the first line of the table the transporting value from the previous page.

The Expression i use to show or hide that is as simple as =iif((Code.GetGroupPageNumber(ReportItems!NewPage.Value,Globals!PageNumber)>1),true,false)

However, I can’t use a Global variable in the Body, and the reports are separated by Doc Type and Doc ID.

Is there any way to call that specific variable on the body? Or even other logic of making the Transporting textbox and value showing up only when a report got more than 1 page?

Any help on this matter would be great :smiley:

Thanks in advance

Did you check this blog?

I have, I was studying a way to put the transporting in the body, and as far as I saw from other posts is that the body is processed before the header and footer so I couldnt do what i wanted to, that said I have included those textboxes in the header and footer as that tutorials points out and work from there. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer Mohana :wink: