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Regarding the Misc Charges, what i know is, only at the time of the invoicing the purchase order the charges get allocated on the item (Item Debit). Is there any way, that when i create the packing slip i will allocate the misc charges on the receiving item.

Because here i have the production, i can used the item for production once we create the or receive the material. At this stage the cost of the product (Finish Good) will miss the misc charges.

Can anyone guide me on this, how i can control the cost or how i can include the misc charges in the finish product before invoicing the PO or PO at the Receive stage.


I think there is no option. The inventory recalculation will adjust the cost of production depending on the costing method.

Whatever Inventory Model Group you select AX will only post the average cost and Actual Cost will be updated when Inventory recalculation is run and Inventory is closed.

So AX will take care the additional misc. charges in Production Cost.

at the time of closing of the inventory the system generate the Cost, that is the other process for the costing. What exactly i want to know is like i create the PO of 1 item is Rs 100 and transport charges ((Misc Charges) of Rs 10, so the actual price of the item is Rs110. but this value i am getting at the time of Invoicing the PO.

Now now say i am using the production in which this purchase item is the part of BOM or Formula, and i purchase this item and it just received mean only the receipt list is created not Invoiced. So when i run the production order and see the Costing sheet, the cost against this item will show 100 instead of 110 because the purchase order is not invoiced. So, here the i am missing the cost of 10 on my finish product.

So can u suggest me how i can resolve this issue.

You cannot resolve it without fundamentally re-writing charges and costing to do exactly what you want. The cost will become the cost once invoiced so known and once the inventory close is run to push through costs. That is how it works, if you want the estimate to alter you could modify this if you have automatic charges to look and you could be rolling the misc charges into the price unit (do you do this) to give you a clearer picture depending upon you costing method.

As Adam mentioned, There is no Standard Functionality available to cater this requirement, it requires customization.

But i think in the costing sheet we have have one node “cost of purchase” may be there we can define the amount per item. Because here in my system partners did something on the costing sheet and when i am creating the PO for those item, based on the price define in the costing sheet it is picking from there.

I just want to know, how can we configure that.

In the costing sheet you can add indirect costs and you can do this in the structure of the sheet. As your systems partner “did something” I would suggest you get the detail from them to clear this up.

here i have attached the costing sheet which the partner prepare. This they use the “Cost of Purchase” for adding the Charges on the purchase order and when we generate the product receipt the price of the PO and credit the Misc Charges per unit base and debit the inventory eg i have the po of 2 quantity say 200, then the total amount will be 222 as per quantity 11 is define:

And also when i am adding any node it is not reflection, could u please explain me how they can do that:

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Okay so what they are saying there is on the purchase of any of those 5 items at 11 for transportation, which forms part of the standard cost. I am not sure this uses AX Miscellaneous Charges, but you may consider it a Miscellaneous Charge which could be where the confusion starts, but I have not set this up in a standard cost environment.

However I would guess that this cost is only processed at the point when you push through the purchase invoice and then use the miscellaneous charges, this is a base additive to the standard cost for a variance posting of PPV when the invoice is processed and it has a miscellaneous charge on the invoice to reflect the freight and the expense of the haulier that will appear on that invoice. Until you post the invoice the cost will not flow, but what you need to do on the item setup of those items is check the price unit addition, but having never set it up to do this I would actually have to set it up to see what it does, but I would not argue what it does. This in itself means you need to talk to your partner to discuss this setup, and you should because it is business critical.

For a new node you right mouse click and create.

i created the new node just below the transport cost with the same values what , and create the PO and create the receipt but it was not working.

Here as per the business, we have the production unit and all the purchase is for the raw material. So as per the AX standards we can not allocate the transport cost on the item value at the time of the receipt product. So for doing so the partners did this on the costing sheet, and now when we create the receipt list that transport cost per item (as per define in the Cost Sheet )get allocated on the item and the value get increased and when we run the production order that will come with the direct cost (material consumption).

i asked with the partner they told me that they did some customization.

So i just want to know can this be happen without any customization because as per our technical consultant there is no customization done as he chk all the this at his end.

i got the solution they customize one class InventCostPurchIndirect.

Thanks Adam, Sachin and Kranti for your usual support.

Hope this link will be useful for others.

thanks Ishak it is the same what our partners did.