Transport charges


I created a Purchase order and I completed the packing silp.

But I did not create the invoice .

Mean while I received the Transport Bill , I need to load this on my inventory .

How to load in on my inventory .

Could u any expert throw some light on this.

Thanks in advance

The only way you can do this is to create a miscellaneous charge and assign it.

Thanks ,

while i am creating the purchase order , i dont know the amount .

After i received that material , at that time i know , so how to load that one to inventory.

Just throw some path to assign the chagres for received material.

Thanks and regards

You need to load a new purchase invoice for a miscallaneous charge and apply it to the purchase order received in, or add a miscellaneous charge to the original invoice depending upon what it is. You need to read the manual on miscellaneous charges.