Transporation management Add-on in AX2012 R378

Hi all,

I am looking for an add-on to support the following weighbridge and vehicle check-in/check-out functionality in AX7/AX 2012. TRAX on its own will not be enough. Any suggestions?

Required functions:

  • Issuing gate tickets on the inbound (a ticket should be in the system in order for the lorry to enter the premises)
  • Checking lorries in and out. Tracking which lorries are on site
  • Registering driver details and vehicle details
  • Getting the lorry weight on entering and leaving the site. Calculating the net weight, weight per axle and the product weight.
  • Product weight registration: from weighbridge, or manual entry with the weighbridge weight used if the total product weight is within tolerance compared to the captured weight of the truck- truck tare weight
  • Getting the weight from the weighbridge software
  • Communicating lorry details to the weighbridge software in order for it to print weighbridge tickets

Any suggestions?

Hey Sridhar,

I’m moving this thread to the AX users forum to see if anyone will respond.

I know Blue Horseshoe still has some additional add-on for warehouse and transportation management that acts as an addendum to the stuff in AX 2012R3. Have you looked at that?


There is unlikely to be anything as standard that communicates with the weighbridge “software” you have not even named it to allow people to comment on third parties, but there is so much out there it is an interface you build yourself in my opinion.

Yes! i got the chance to speak with the bluehorse shoe. Anyways thanks for the feedback:)