Translation of global variable datatype=Option


I would like to set multiple language of a global variable type=option. Is this possible?

Technical data:
Object type=Page
Global variable name=S_Type
Global variable datatype=option
Properties of S_Type:

I would like to translate these, so that user can choose one from the page where NAV client can be opened in different language.

I know how to translate the text constants, but I have not ever seen that Global Variable would be translated.

Thanks for any assistance.

You can define the caption on the page field level, it will then show up in the translation file.


An alternative would be to use enum instead of option, that comes with its own captions

I think you need to add 1 more line (like OptionString):

field(1; OptionField; option) { OptionMembers = "Option with ", "spaces and ", “other symbols!”; }