Translate DateFormula value

A customised database, developed for the UK analyses a CODE 10 field “Invoice Period”. The user enters a date formula such as 1W, 3M, 1Y, 90D etc.It uses the ‘Text’ part eg M,D,Y etc in order to process code. They now wish to make the database MultiLanguage, and therefore changing the “Invoice Period” period to a DateFormula type helps users in France enter data correctly. However, there is still a need to process code based upon the Text part of “Invoice Period”. We do not necessarily want to CASE all possible options ie D or J for day, Y or A for year. Is there a way to evaluate the Multilanguage value of 2A (french for 2Years) and capture the US/UK equivalent of ‘Y’. ? It probably seems a strange request, but that’s customers for you. Thanks.


Utterly amazing and utterly simple. Thank you very much.