Transient check printing problem

We print on blank check stock. For some time after going live, we had a problem with the last line of every check stub that included payment discounts printing the wrong information. The amount of the check is correct, but the last line omits the gross and net amount of the invoice and inserts the discount amount where the gross amt should be. We tried many things and involved our implementation team and developers and after no success, they concluded that it must be a driver issue. We exchanged the equipment used for an older HP4 with old drivers and sure enough the problem went away…for 8 months and now returned one day, but cleared itself the next. The biggest problem is that this user cannot upgrade the OS from the current W98 without giving up the old drivers and new ones do not work. I should add that we actually did upgrade her and had no problem for a month and now had to return her to a W98 machine, which raise the question of whether it is really a driver issue. Anyone see anything like this? Any third party products for just handling check printing?

If you are interested to integrate to a 3´rd part product, LaserNet could solve this “check print problem” , further more, we have done this on several sites. LaserNet is installed together with your existing ERP-system and contains a series of modules, which offer several new options for enhancing your communication with your customers LaserNet Output management takes the data from any ERP system, and transforms it into professionel electronic documents e.g. check, invoices, order forms etc. For further information, please visit our UK site