Transheader ? Transfooter?

does anybody know about transheader and transfooter in the NAV report?
what is it used for?
I have done what the Nav book (development c/side introduction) told, but i don’t look any difference while i use transheader/transfooter or not…

With transheader & transfooter you normally use to display amount totals of the page if your report is going to roll-over to another page. The amount values should be added to the TotalFields property of the data-item otherwise they will just repeat the last records value. Its easy to test. Just create a new report on the Cust. Ledger entry. Insert a Transheader and Transfooter and put the amount field on those (make sure Totalfields property has amount field too). Preview the report.

Transheader should be printed before the first line of its dataitem on every page but the first.
Transfooter should be printed after the last line of the dataitem on every page but the last.

Anyway that’s what it should do, but not all the Nav versions do it correctly. It looks like it’s as difficult to implement as it is to explain in a foreing language! Phew! [:D]


you need to set up some reports and play with it. Its the only way to learn.