transheader-footer with temp tables and integer sections


I do have a report with the Sales Header Invoice and the rest tables are indented integer tables. Then, I do have a checkbox on the Report Request form to show or not show further details.

When I use transheader for the Sales Invoice Header it’s not always working well e.g. when all details shown (checkbox is True) the transheader is not shown on a second page and shown only on third page.

Then, while I’m using integer tables I’m calculating totals in a separate integer so it can be without headers too.

So, all together - integer tables and show/not show details are probably creating some mess with transheaders. I’m thinking to build some logic with page numbers and probably use just regular headers making it visible or not based if it’s the same page number or not.

Please, advise if there is any good way of doing it for my case.


I did fix transheader for the Sales Invoice Header. The problem was I did have all Sales Invoice Header fields in a body not having a Header in a Section Designer. So, I created a header for the Sales Invoice Header and put all fields there cleaning the body. Then I created Transheader for it and now it’s on all next pages.

Now, I’d need to fix transheaders for integer that is still not working for some reason. If anybody knows a good approach on it please advise.