Transformation Sample Data

I’ve got a couple of big transformation projects coming up and have been pouring over the Form Transformation walkthroughs, documentation, and have been using a hefty portion of trial and error. I have had some success, but am struggling with what the Transformation data (table data in the 177000…177021 range) should look like to minimize the manual follow-up. I’d love to have a copy of what it looked like when Microsoft converted the existing forms to pages. Am I missing something or is it truly non-existent. Part my problem is that I have good intuitive skills, but not a lot of patience for linear instructions. For instance, I’d love to see what was in the FactBoxes table when they ran the transformation for the customer card.

If you’ve tread this path before, suggestions?


I’ll update this for others that lose their way. It turns out you just need to import the xml files that come with the TIF tool. From form 177000 Create Transformation Input → Transform Pages, etc. Import the corresponding xml files from the media.