Transformation of form to pages -Issue

Hi All,

1.Create a form let say 50000 Customer Test based on table 18 with some fields.
2. Now after saving it go to File->Export & save this form as Forms.xml in (I have put it on the same folder of where this Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Tools.FormTransformation.exe exist)
3. Now i run this Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Tools.FormTransformation.exe

this will only create other Transformation.log & TransformationLog.xml file only.
This will not created the pages.xml in the same folder.

Please let me know what is issue ??



Hi Subha,

you seem to be missing some steps. You should probably try following some of the online documentation available on MSDN or the NAV 2009 online help. Try this link for starters:

For a really short guide, try this link



i try transform simple customer card (form 50000) become page 50000

it works…

but if i try another sample (matrix form)

form 50001 - card

form 50002 - matrix subform

it failed

what did i miss?

after i validate there is a message like this

“The mapping of FormType Document to PageType Card deviates from default Document”

Matrix form are not support in transformation tool…for that we need to do separate format…

if u r doing this means u il not get the value in pages…it ill display 0 (zero) Only…

so the matrix form we should create manually as a page?

or we do some steps and then can transform it become a page?

You eiter create the matrix as a page directly or re-design the form as described here:

The re-designed form can be transformded by the tool.

how about if i want to fact box or another

like i want to add another Sales order form

new Sales Order… i redesign from form 42

is there i must do?