Transfers when inventory is negative

I need to make an itemtransfer, when the inventory on the location I want to transfer from is negative. This is not possibel in standard navision, but does anyone know a way to make this possibel. jbelushi

Find where it checks to see if the Item is in negative stock and removed the check… but be careful, I have a feeling I looked at doing this once and found that there was a reason Navision stopped it. But I cant remember, so long ago…

On Sales & Reciveables → Setup → Sales & Reciveables Setup you can clear the flag “Stockout warning”. This allows you to sell items even if the quantity you want to sell is not on stock. Marcus Marcus Fabian phone: +41 79 4397872

Just to be curious - when do you need transfers without having a physical inventory on hand. Navision will not allow you to do transfers, as it is trying to “locate” open item ledger entries to transfer. But as Fabian describes you are allowed to do selling without having inventory on hand, which results in your inventory going negative. So unless your need is very urgent, i would suggest you not to modify NF for this. I would just sell from my location, and then when i have on hand balance again, transfer this to the location. /Soren

I know it is a bit special to transfer an item not on the inventory, but it´s a virtuel item, I need to transfer. I know I can sell without having the item on inventory, but I need to transfer it. I have tried to remove the check, but then NF only makes negative transfer, but not the positive. Is there any way I can make NF make both the negative and positive transfer.

Could you use the positive/negative adjustment instead, posted on the same document no.? This would allow you to do a adjustment to each location, and allows you to adjust an inventory that is already negative. Just an idea… You could create a small wizard, that helps you setting up the lines in the journal. /Soren

A good idea which is implemented in the Swiss nationalized version of Navision is a variable “Non-Stock Item” : Boolean. If set to True, Codeunit 22 does not create Stock Ledger Entries for this item: In Procedure Code() just after … Item.GET(“Item No.”); Item.TESTFIELD(Blocked,FALSE); … insert the following: IF Item.“Non-Stock Item” THEN EXIT; That’s it! Marcus Marcus Fabian phone: +41 79 4397872

It’s impossible because of Item Ledger Entry ideology. While the transfer is posting 22 codeunit always make only one negative entry and one or more positive entries (it depends of quantity applied positive entries). Cost in this positive entries transfers from respect applied positive entries. That’s why you can’t make transfer when item is not on inventory. If your item is virtual and you don’t care about it cost, you can make two operations - negative adjustment from one location first and then positive adjustment for this item (cost = 0 for example) and another location with the same quantity. Best regards, Const.

Creating positive and negative transactions which balance to zero is of course always an opportunity (in fact that’s the default). However we are talking here about virtual items - e.g. working hours - which are not physically on stock and where Item Ledger Entries are not required and wanted. That’s what the “Non-Stock item” is for. Cu22 will never generate a Item Ledger entry for these items no matter if they are used in purchases, orders, or pos/neg. adjustments. Avoiding Item Ledger entries is not impossible but simple as I prooved. However you will - of course - loose all statistical information such as quantity sold as these item statistics are based on the Item Ledger entries which simply don’t exist for this particular item. Marcus Marcus Fabian phone: +41 79 4397872