Transfers between two companies

Hi there! How is it possible to do transfers of goods between 2 companies in Navision 4??? Scenario: Goods need to be transferred from Company A to Company B between Warehouse A and Warehouse B. ( it’s not a sale here). If I purchase the Intercompany granule, is it clearly possible to do that?? Can someone could explain ?? Thanks

I have no experience but my understanding is if you raise intercompany transactions in one company as say a purchase order to buy from a inter company supplier then this document can automatically (time based) be created as a sales order in the company that is related to the previous company where the purchasing company is defined as a customer. The price list explanation is:


Inter-company Postings (3,090) Financial Management This granule enables you to do accounting for more than one company in the same posting process. The companies can be in the same or in one or several different Navision databases. There are features that send documents to the partner companies. The functionality lets the user control the document flow through an Inbox/Outbox feature. The transactions are done either as General Journal transactions or through Customer and Vendor functionality in Receivables and Payables, which allow the use of currencies and correct reconciliation. Requirements: Basic General Ledger

There is more information in the new to version 4.0 documentation. Your best bet it to talk to your NSC or Microsoft and get them to give you a demonstration.

Hello, I don’t think there is any option in standard Navision 4.0 for Transferring Goods between Intercompany in warehouses. Intercompany in Navision 4.0 helps in the following Transactions: Sales Orders & Invoices,Purchase Orders & Invoices, General Journal Entries,Credit Memo’s and Return Orders. Please Approach MBS online help desk. Thanks & regards, Panjam.