Transferring items between locations in MFG

Hi Experts,

Please give me some idea on how to achieve solution to my problem.

My client has four work centres where manufacturing takes place.

So each and every time he sends the items to one work centre he wants the intermedite product to inventory.

and from there he again sends the intermediate product to second work centre and add some more items to get one more intermediate item and he wants this item to inventory

This process continues between 4 work centres. so how to acheive this and inventory is only one .

Hi Yasho,

Did you find an answer to your question? If you did then please let us all know the answer. I’m sure other members have the same problem. If you didn’t find a solution, then I would suggest that you post a few more details about your problem.

Hi Yash,

What is the issue in this?

Define 3 semi finished items for each stage.

Define individual BOM and Routings.

Make the semi finished items as made to order items.