Transferring data from previous system through jobs

I’m currently in the process of switching to Dynamics AX 2012 and looking into how I would export the data from the old system to a new one. The older system can export data as CSV files so I’m currently scripting a set of jobs that read this data and write it to the correct tables.

I’m attempting to import unit of measure conversions for the different products and am wondering if there are services I can call to do this (like with product setup and release to companies) or if I need to write directly to the tables using SQL statement within the jobs. If I do need to use SQL statements to do this are there any related tables I need to be aware of for the conversions other than the unitofmeasureconversion table?

You need to analyze the scale of data import first and then decide what methodology to go for. using CSV scripts to do that is the best solution for bulk migration. You can ponder around using services and if you are looking for one stop solution that will be used all the time, use inbound transforms of AIF. You van convert csv files to xml using a simplified .net class. For UOM and conversions I had used CSV import thru a job as it was easy and not painful.

Well we’re exporting from 2 different systems both of which have the ability to export to CSV so this probably will be the best option. The only thing that worries me is I never know if I’m meant to be using an inbuilt service or just writing directly to the tables. The theory I’ve been working on is that the main data (product information, customer information etc) has a service whereas additional data such as unit conversions don’t and need to be written directly. Does this logic hold up?

Yes, I use the same logic. Moreover building a custom service and using in excel add ins is again painful as the surrogate key validation fails. CSV import is best practice for other kinda stuff.

Thanks. Well these scripts are going to be one time use as we are completely replacing the old system. You’ve been very helpful. Thanks.