Transfer warehouses

Hello usihg ax 2009 setup transfer warehouses from our wip to outside supplier warehouses which will give you a planned transfer order. How do I setup system to read the reverse- planned transfer orders back to our WIP which is our shop floor? It seem I can only do it the one way which is not good as we cant see to bring parts back into the shop floor for planned production. Any help?

It has to come back into a different warehouse (receiving) to enable the chain to be made, otherwise you would setup and infinite loop that could never be fulfilled.

HI adam, this makes sense, I would need to change the dimension on the production orders to the new outsource main warehouse in order to cause demand therefore a planned transfer would be produced to bring part back into the receiving warehouse correct??

Or look at the subcontracting setup to create the PO and transfer to the supplier as part of the process. Consumption depends on receipt back etc which completes the cycle, that is how you traditionally get stock back from a supplier in process.

Hi Adam, these parts go to a warehouse only not in process

So why do you buy them from the vendor into your warehouse to automate the process to push them back out to the vendors warehouse?

Is there a production order that happens at the third party warehouse to convert the subcomponents into a finished good?