transfer reserved Qty between WH and locations

Hi all ,

We having problem that we need to solved with the AX , we need to transfer Qty between locations and WH .

after i picked the qty from the first location for the SO we need to move the specific qty to diffrent WH and just then to send it to the customer .

we need to do the reservation in the picking route , then un-reserved the qty , transfer to the other location and reserverd the qty again . and we need to change the location at the specific SO line , otherwise the packing slip wont work .

help , please …

Thanks .

When you pick the quantity in location - then you wont be having that stock availability to transfer it to the other warehouse.

If that is the case you need to reverse the pick remove the reservation and need to change the location and do the picking list again.

or you can go with Editing the dimensions when you want to change the location.

Hi Kranthi ,

The big problem is that our main warehouse , the WH that we pick the ordered qty , is not the one that we r sending the SO from .

we have two diffrent WH , the first and the main WH is the one that have all the on hand qty , the other one is just temparey WH just for the packing and the shipment .

i cant reverse the picking route becouse other SO can pick the specific qty that i just unpick .

Thanks again


Hi Shay, do you find solution to this problem? I have same problem :frowning:

Have a look at your dimension group and see if you can get away with setting it at site level only, when you start entering the warehouse on the line then the reservation is made at this level. I am not sure because the reservation may still hold, but if you did not enter the warehouse until picking it would allow potentially allow the stock to be moved on a dimension outside of teh reservation constraints, but you would need to try it. Basic rule is if you turn on reservations if you want to do ANYTHING to it you need to conciously do it so an un-reserve is required.