Transfer Reports from Financials to ATTAIN - how?

Moin: I want to transfer some reports from Navision 2.50 to Attain 3.01. There is nothing special with these reports, except they are adjusted to the paper forms we are using. So it would be highly appreciated to transfer the “section” to the equivalent reports in ATTAIN. What´s the best method to achieve this. BTW: I know that field names in ATTAIN are different from Financials but thats not such a big task. Any hint will be appreciated. Regards Uwe

If the base tables for the two versions of the reports are the same and the only differences are the formats, you could simple export the V2.50 reports and import them into Attain. If only field names of variables are different, you could export the V2.50 reports to text, edit the field names, then import the text objects into Attain. If there are more differences than that, use of the Merge Tool might be the best answer (although for a small number of differences and a small number of reports, use of a programmer’s text editor on text versions of the objects might be reasonable - for specific situations where the logic code is essentially the same between two report instances, it is possible to use a text editor and do a basic cut and paste/replace to move all the sections from one report to another). I must caution that the Merge Tool is not very smart about changes in positioning and layout in reports or forms, so even after using the Merge Tool there is some manual work to do to complete the process. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner Edited by - daves on 2002 Mar 26 16:55:18