Transfer Orders


I am using AX 2012 and cannot overreceive transfer orders.

first, here is the error I get when trying to overreceive against a transfer order:

“Total received quantity for item XXXX exceeds shipped quantity”

My configuration is:

Overreceive 500% for the FastTabs of Purchase, Sell, and Manage Inventory for the Item.

The inventory and warehouse management parameters check boxes for overdelivery and underdelivery are checked

Procurement and sourcing parameters check boxes for overdelivery and underdelivery are checked.

The over and underdelivery percentage is on the transfer order itself as well.

I receive the error when trying to post the arrival journal for the transfer order.

Can someone please help?

You cannot receive more than you ship as standard. You pick a quantity, register it and then ship it. I understand in the process industry quantities change due to curing, transport etc. However to handle this you need to customize it and back fill the stock transactions based upon what has happened to the stock.

Hello Mike, why would you receive more units than send?

With overdelivery and underdelivery, you can over ship from a warehouse but you cannot over receive than what is actually shipped.

If you want to use this function, then try over shipping the quantity which is transferring more than your transfer quantity.