Transfer Orders

Using 4.02 … New Implementation The customer exports to an overseas division of their company, hence setup as a separate SKU Location. Therefore we will raise a Transfer Order, but must add an additional “charge” to the receiving location. We need to have the stock valued at the overseas location at their “additional” cost for stock valuation and cost of sale reporting. There is no overhead% on the SKU card. Can someone suggest a work-around for this scenario that will not entail an end user from having to amend anything at the time of posting … it must be seemless. Thanks Craig

How would you determine the additional costs for an item being transferred ? Based on it’s volume (as usual for Sea Transport) or based on weight (as usual for Air Transport) or based on value (rather unusual) and last but not least based on quantities (again rather useless) ??? Do you have a kind of formula for that ? Usually you would (either manually or programatically) create a purchase invoice (when you get an invoice from your shipping agency) and assign the costs to the transfer receipt using item charges.