Transfer orders and Item tracking

Hi, On a 3.60 version with all hotfixes being installed, has anyone faced following problem : On some transfer orders that have been shipped, when I try to receive them, the Receipt-Item tracking lines seem to have been deleted whereas the Shipment-Item tracking lines still are in the system. Of course, when I try to receive the transfer order, the system tells me that I have to specify a lot N°… I cannot find the way to reproduce the problem but it happens from time to time on quite a lot of transfer orders. Thanks for any idea… Best regards.

Hi Frederic I also faced this problem a number of times.You can find my posts in the archives. I also had registered a case with my NCR in India. They did not suggest a soloution but informed me that it has been rectified in 3.70 version. You can check the chnaged objects in 3.70. Rather than going in for upgrade,I wud suggest that if possible you can import those objects. Regards, DD

Hi, Objects from 3.7 database ideally should not be got to 3.6 database. Try solving the problem comparing the objects. manoj

If u ppl r using sql server then problem might exist there.