Transfer Order with batch and location - AX 2009

Dear All,

I have created a transfer order from warehouse 1 to warehouse2. The item is having configid, inventsizeid, inventlocationid, batchid and location as its inventory dimensions.

I am able to ship item from any location of warehouse 1 but cannot receive in user specific location in warehouse 2. It is automatically receiving in to default receipt location of warehouse 2. Is there any way to receive the item in warehouse 2 in to any other location.

Appreciating your help.

Hi Sayeed,

You don’t say how you are receiving the transfer order…

If you use an Arrival overview to receive the transfer order, you can set a ‘Location’ on the ‘Setup’ tab. I believe AX defaults this location on to the lines of the Item arrival journal. And in the journal iteself, you can overwrite the location on each line to any location you like.