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I am using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

I am doing transfer orders and trying to complete receive now, however, I receive an error stating the pallet ID must be specified. I am able to specify a pallet ID in the registration form, however, my problem is, why would the pallet ID change??

I am doing transfers from warehouse to warehouse and want to use a transfer order for traceability into what is “in transit” so I don’t want to just use a transfer journal or pallet move. However, the pallet ID should remain the same, which I believe is obvious. Why doesn’t AX just populate the pallet ID field with the same pallet ID by default? why must I manually specify the pallet ID?

Any help is much appreciated. I would really like to get past having to manually enter a pallet ID when the pallet ID isn’t changing from warehouse to warehouse.

Thank you!


Dear Mike,

I am surprised,Why it is asking palletid to do the transfer order process.As I did many transfer orders to transfer the products from one warehouse to another warehouse. let me know clearly about your problem .

  • Krisheed


My storage dimension is Site-Warehouse-Location-Pallet. This means that all of those inventory dimensions are mandatory to be included with the item when performing transactions.

I am trying to perform a transfer order from Warehouse A to Warehouse B. The problem is, when trying to receive the item at warehouse B the pallet ID is not staying attached to the item, but instead is remaining in the transfer warehouse. So when trying to receive the item at warehouse B, I receive an error stating the pallet ID is needed in order to receive the item into warehouse B.

Why is the pallet ID not remaining with the item when it goes from the transfer warehouse to warehouse B??

Please let me know if you need further clarification.

Thank you!