Transfer Order/Inv. Value

Hello all. At our company we use the Shorcut Dimension 1 code for department. Each facility has its own department code. When we use the Transfer Order funcitonality to transfer items between facilities the value of the item does not transfer to the new department code upon receipt of the order. Is there some reason for this or is it an oversight on our end? Any info would be greatly appreciated. We are using NAV 4.0 sp2. Thanks.

How are you defining the department code on the transfer order? I am not sure how it is changing departments upon receipt. Are you altering it between the shipment and the receipt?

You have to change dimension-codes manually between shipment and receipt. That’s standard.

One alternative is to delete the dimensions after posting the shipment (codeunit 5704) - then the user is forced (e.g. via a account-dimension-setup, field “Value Posting”) to fill in a[nother] dimension-code before posting the receipt.

Actually that’s the method that we tried using. Unfortunately when we check the total inventory value by dimension, the value doesn’t change. Kind of stumped about this one…I’ll check into the second option you listed above. Thanks for the info.

I’ve tried both of the suggestions but to no avail. I’m hoping that it’s something we’re missing. Thanks for all of the ideas. Is there something else that I should try?