Transfer Order Dynamics AX 2009

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Please i want to know is the transfer order generate transactions in general ledger, if yes, where can i setup it.

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Hello Kranthi,

Facts of the case: I have a manufacturing plant (A) and an ware house near our customer (B). A manufactures goods as sends it to B under an excise invoice. B than sells it to the final customer (billing to customer happens here). A and B are two different sites defined in our system. B has only 2 activities i.e. to accept the goods as sent by and then either reject it accept it on quality norms. Once accepted it only sells those to the final customer and the rejected materials are sent back to A. A is registered as a manufacturer (RG23A & C applies) and B is registered as a dealer / depot (RG23D applies)

I have following 2 problems in transfer orders / stock transfer

1 when i trf goods from A to B the trf happns properly under excise. However for any trf of goods from B to A the system throws an error that the excise records are not properly defined.

2 When i trf goods from A to B there is a separate charge which we need to trf (non GRN based) however this is not any service. its a part of sales price only. When i make Sales order / Sales Invoice i book it under Misc charges but no such provision is there in the trf order.

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