Transfer Order creating negative Inventory

I need to be able to have the Inventory Transfer Order drive the onhand quantity negative at the Transfer-From location. The user will later report the actual production output into that location and the Inv. periodic activitites need to eventually update the proper costs. We’ve tried several approaches without success, including creating a positive Item Journal entry before the transfer, then a negative entry after to set the negative amount. This will handle the quantity issue but the costs don’t follow properly. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Version=Attain 3.10B, Costing Method=Avg by Item/Location/Variant

Hi, I think you should finish from production quantity that you need to transfer and after this make transfer. When leter user will report actual Qty he can make additional entry.

Thanks for the input Valentin. We thought about posting production as well but decided against it for various reasons. It may turn out to be the least-worst scenario and we’ll have to implement it. I was really hoping to find a way to let the transfer drive inventory negative. Rainville

Obviously, it’s possible to “adjust” the costing routines to do this…The question is just how much exposure you want. To make a change such as this, you would have to understand the full implications of such a change. Just about all of the time, it is easier to change process then fight the demons of making an incorrect change in the costing routines.

Thanks Chris. It would certainly be easier if the customer would alter their process to suit the software, but that doesn’t follow the Navision “have it your way” philosophy. You’re right about the costing routines and we’re trying to avoid making changes at that level. We’ll most likely post production output before making the transfer.

For anyone who’s interested, we were able to get the transfer to work with minimal changes by changing only a few lines in CU 12. In this case the Average Costing actually made it easier than if Standard Costing was being used.