Transfer Opneing balances Issues

Hi All ,

I am trying to transfer the opening balances to new year , in the process i have opened the Opening transactions form and in the end date field value is showing as 12/1/2006 and click Ok . System throws the following error as End date must be a closing date. The closing date of the year is 11/30/2007.

Even i entered the date as 11/30/2207 , still system takes the date as 12/1/2006.

What is the problem and how to resolve .


In your post you mentioned the given date as "11/30/2207" which is not the prompted date by the system. I guess its a typo when you tried in the system. set it to "11/30/2007".

Thanks santosh ,

In the AX application i had entered as 11/30/2007 only , but in the DUG forum by mistake typed as 11/30/2007.

What’s the fiscal start and end date? In the period form, is the system showing Closing on 11/30?

Also, are the previous periods closed?


Below is the data from the Accounting periods form in AX 2009

Start Period code End Status
12/1/2006 Opening 12/1/2006 Closed
12/1/2006 Normal 11/30/2007 Open
11/30/2007 Closing 11/30/2007 Stopped
12/1/2007 Opening 12/1/2007 Closed
12/1/2007 Normal 11/30/2008 Open

Period code looks fine.

System should take 11/30/2007 as the closing date. Try once again after restarting AX client.

I hope there is no customization involved here.


I have restarted , but still it is taking the date as 12/1/2006 even i entered the date as 11/30/2007. what would be the problem ?

It is standard database.

It seems you are using default database provided for AX. please check the license expiry date for same. Generally date issue occurs when you license is expired.

You are correct . Thanks to point me in the right direction.

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