Transfer Journan creation and posting error

Hi experts,

I have created transfer journal by Code.Journal is created.

When i am validating the journal,Journal is ok.When i post the journal it is throwing error(Mentioned in above screen shots).Can any one give me the transfer journal creation code?.Also suggest me what has to done for this?.


While entering journal line, have you included inventtransid and inventdimid??


Dim id i mentioned,Invent trans id i didnt mentioned.How do i get the inventtrans id?

InventTransID is created for every inventory transaction and the id is picked from the Lot No defined in number sequence which you can find in parameter on inventory and warehouse management.

If you create a movement journal or transfer journal line, inventtransid gets autopopulated.

I think because of this only you are getting error.


You need to update the inventTransId as well when you creating it through code

inventTransId = NumberSeq::newGetNum(InventParameters::numRefInventTransId()).num();