Transfer Journal Print

Dear Sir,

If possible to take Inventory Transfer Journal print out? Please guide me.

Thank You



Do you mean to say Posted Transfer Shipment printout ??


It’s not the first your question about how to print out one or another Journal AFTER it is posted, I suppose what you in fact need is a printout of all given type transactions for some period, most likely for auditing needs.

In contrary to Documents, data entered through Journals (Journal Lines) cease to exist immediately after being posted. Therefore, your source of reporting should be corresponding Ledgers, in this exact case you’re asking about it will be Item Ledger (+ Value Entries).

Reporting on Document tables is a bad idea and majority of sources claim that should not be done AT ALL. Reasons are simple - data in doc lines get never updated, ESPECIALLY this is true for costing, therefore it is NOT ACCURATE. Besides, those posted documents simply can be archived or even deleted to free up DB space, for that special batchjobs exist. Reports on Doc tables will fail in such case.

I was a little bit suprised, reading the answer for one of your similar post - turns out than IN localisation has at least one such unsustainable report in standart… But all this Voucher thing is IN-specific, maybe the design underneath is different and that for it still works.