Transfer - Free Serial No. Entry

Hi there. Is there a way i can post the receipt of a transfer with other serial nos. than thoose with whom the transfer order was shipped. lets say: i want to ship an item with S/N = 10005 and i post the shipment of the transfer. In 5 days i post the receipt of the transfer, but the S/N has changed to 20006. any way to do that? thx in advance

Hi Not without development. SN Transfer Tracking Field in the Item Tracking Card only has one check mark because numbers assigned when outbound must remain unchanged when inbound.

So my idea was the following: I’d like to let the user enter his serial nos freely even on the transfer receipt. on posting the receipt, he posts the original serial nos. but immediatly after that he post a recalssification journal where he changes the serial no. could that cause any problems?

Hi I cannot reclassify an item whilst it is in transit - I am told that the item is not on inventory, which is kind of true! Therefore I cannot tell if when you come to receive it in the transdfer order falls over! I therefore think you cannot do this - but you can develop it I suppose!

i once tried to mess around with the items in transfer location but i ended up with hundreds of unpostable transfers due tue “item is not on inventory” things. i was thinking about reclassifying the item AFTER it has reentered in location where it is supposed to land.

Sorry for misunderstanding! I cannot see an issue with running the transfer journal with the same serial number and then reclassifying it in the new location.