Transfer Dates don't make sense

I can only describe this problem by outlining the steps/logic tests I tried in analysing it. We just went live with Navision 4.0 on Monday. 1. Create Transfer - Default Header: Shipment Date = 10/24/2005 - Default Header: Receipt Date = 10/24/2005 - Entered ‘5d’ in the Shipping Time field Result: no change in dates (header or lines) 2. Create Transfer - Deleted Default Header: Shipment Date = - Deleted Default Header: Receipt Date = - Entered ‘5d’ in the Shipping Time field - Entered ‘10/24/2005’ in the Header: Shipment Date field Results: - Header Shipment Date = 10/24/2005 - Header Receipt Date = 10/25/2005 - Line Shipment Date(s) = 10/20/2005 - Line Receipt Date(s) = 10/21/2005 Is this logic correct? We expected to be able to enter a shipping date, then enter a shipping time, and see the recepit date be calculated. BTW: we do not have the granule for Shipping Agent Services. Is this why the calculation doesn’t work? Thx

Hi You need the shipping agents granule. From the help:


If you enter a code in the Shipping Agent Service Code field, the program automatically copies the contents of the Shipping Time field in the Shipping Agent Services table to this field.

Thank you. It seems that our VAR didn’t take the time to ensure we had the right licenses for what they promised we could do.