Transfer Database from W1 4.0 to IN 2009


I want to Transfer object from W1 4.0 to IN Nav 2009 ,there are some customized objects as well as some base navision objects are modified as per requirement . hole development has been done in a W1 4.0.

So what are the prosedure to convert W1 4.0 to IN 2009.

Plz Suggest me.

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Hi Sourav,

Welcome to Dynamics User Group (DUG).

Do you want to upgrade your database from 4.0 to NAV2009?

If yes, generally the Upgrade tool kits are available for upgrade from same localisation to same (like Indian to Indian , W1 to W1).

I would like to know why you real need to upgrade from W1 to Indian localisation?

By the way, are you an end-user or partner?


Rajj Bansal

Actually we are developed database for a foreign client, but for a Indian client we are going to impliment almost same thing.So we need W1 4.0 to IN 2009.

So it means you developed some functionality/ enhancement/ customization in Navision 4.0 W1 version and you want to do same thing in NAV2009 IN.

So it is not the upgrade of the database (which I thought from your previous post).

You need to identify the objects changed/ newly developed in NAV4.0 W1 database and incorporate those changes in NAV2009 IN database.For this you should have a understanding of the changes and check if these changes are part of new database, if yes then you can skip those changes.