Transfer Data


I want to move data from one database to another database.


Take SQL route i.e. export and import database.

Also this topic was already discussed. If you search, you may find them.


sorry, my question is different -

I want to integrate two environment to each other. Suppose, I have made the changes in one environment (like insert or delete operation from table) then another environment is automatically update.


Again this is something that was discussed many times here. Briefly here are two manual options -

  1. You can create development projects and keep your modifications under this project. This can be then exported and imported in other environment.

  2. You can export / import the whole layer. Ex - if you modify in CUS layer, you can then export / import this layer file (.aod)

Apart from two manual options, there is an automatic build option. But this option is quite complex to implement and does not suit needs of customers and partners.