Transfer block

Hi Dears

I tried to block some items from purchasing and transferring like the picture below. After that , the item is not allowed to be ordered by purchase as i wished. But it is allowed to be ordered by transfer whereas the item is expected to show error while creating Transfer order. How to block creating any transter order for that item?

Thank you

Enerel.lkh, please, write the version & country

This blocking functionality is not standard NAV, it’s some partner’s customization.

Some two months ago, you posted a question about this functionality here:

One of the screenshots in that post shows a table “Item Status Link” with ID 10001404. This ID is a clear sign that this is an ISV solution. So the first question would be - which solution are you using? But since it’s not standard, chances of finding an answer in forums are rather low anyway. It’s better to address this question to a Microsoft partner supporting your implementation.

A small update to my previous reply.

This page (along with the functionality it controls) apparently belongs to LS Retail. Probably this could be a starting point for the search.