Transfer Batch setup in Route


Anyone know who Transfer Batch work? It is define in the Route. According to help, Transfer batch = qty can be moved between sequencial work centre.

I try setup a value and run the MRP but i didn’t see the different whether having or without the transfer batch. Kindly explain to me how it work. Or do i miss out any setting?

thanks in advance.

It affects scheduling, as standard the system will not start op20 until op10 is complete, if you set the transfer batch it schedules it when the batch quantity is complete in op10.

In the Route setting, the FORMULA should i set to “Batch” or “work center batch” instead of “Standard”?

It does not need these to work, and these are recent new fields with no help, I can only guess what these will do, but they may have an impact on the schedule, you would need to test it.