Transactions to native DB without using a NAS

Hi, I am trying to make a connection between IIS and Navision native database. We are using version 3.7(?) and a test database. We decide not to use the commerce portal, but instead to develop the connection by our own, using a NAS, MSMQ, IIS and .Net C#. My question is: When I dont want to use the NAS and directly want to communicate with the native database of Navision, do we have to write the byusiness rules by our own, since they are in the condeunits? Or is it still possible to use the codeunits which are in the nativce database already?

Yes. You will need to take care of business logic Youself if You go straight at the tables. To reuse logic in Navision You need NAS

Simon, reason is that via the NAS navision triggers are activated, directly writing not…