Transactional Data Deletion

Hi All

I want to delete the transactional data of between dates is there any possibility to delete, like we use to do from a class “sysdatabasetransdelete” to delete the all transactional data. please advise me as i want to delete the all 2010 transaction(test transactions) without effecting the rest of the 2011 transaction and the master data.


Not possible without development I am afraid.

You need to think about the dependency of transactions…


If you have the time and resources, you might want to look at Intelligent Data Management Framework (IDMF). Using this tool, you can safely archive 2010 transactional data instead of trying to delete it.

If interested, IDMF was discussed quite a few times already here so please do a search.

Hi Harish ,

a) Is it Default tool availble in AX or Do we need to purchase ?

b) Does it work for all MS Dynamics ERP applications ?

c) why we need to archieve the old data and what are the advantages ?

d) where does data will store if we archive ?

Thanks in Advance.

Hi Harish ,

Please share your experience.