Transaction voucher do not balance as per...

Hello forum… I’m getting the following error and can not find what the problem is:

“The transaction voucher Amort_001654 do not balance as per 01/02/2016. (Company currency: -0.22 - secondary currency: -0.22)”

Some additional data, company currency BAL, secondary currency USD, exchange rate=1.

I found some posts regarding this topic related with the system accounts (Penny difference) I have set them up -both for local and secondary currency- the error remains. I receive the error when trying to register, on validation the voucher of the voucher is ok.

I appreciate all your help. Best regards

I know how to resolve. But still I have not gone through reason. but this is due to exchange rate issue. so, change the exchange rate at voucher level to give proper support. like USD Amount/BAL Amount. It will be ok.

Hi Raj,

I am also facing the same issue during posting the vendor payment journal. Could you suggest me what i need to do in the Payment voucher ?

hi .

i am facing the issue , could please tell how do u reslove this error.