transaction status is "registered" and item is physically available

Hi all,

we use AX2009. When I create transfer journal, add line, item number, quantity and everything what is needed, I create and post picking (Inventory button - Pick), then I do Registration (Inventory - Registration) and while the registration is posted, two transactions exists. The first one witch status “Picked” with negative quantity and the other one with status “Registered” - it´s ok. But the problem is that in this time after registration is posted, then the items are available physical at “on-hand” form. But I need items are avaiable physical the after transfer journal is posted (status received). I cannot post the journal because transfers are processed by mobile device so picking and registration are done line by line and after all journal lines are done, the journal is posted. We also use reservation on sales orders and seller is able to reserv the items that are “registered” and then it´s not possible to post the journal. Does anybody have an idea how to solve this problem?

Thank you very much

Why are you registering and stating it is physically in the destination when it is not? Registered means it is physically there so they can reserve.