Transaction postings in Navision

I am new to the ERP Functional and i have query regarding transactions posting.

if i keep my vendor as a account and balancing account as a bank my amount is 1000 plz tell me how the transactions is getting posted.

Hi. So you want to understand the posting routine behind the payment journal? If so when you post a payment to a vendor it debits (reduces) the vendor liability and credits (reduces) the bank balance.

Hi Ganesh,
Welcome to DUG and congratulations with your new job. [:)]

I’m not quite sure about this question. Either it’s actually as simple as Neil’s answer, and in that case, then I would suggest that you start you new job by getting some serious training. Not only in how to use NAV, but also some fundamentals about how an ERP system works and how to use it to do your accounting. [:)]

Or its much more technical than just that.

But anyway then please, when you ask questions in the forums and someone replies they use their own spare time to help you with your problem. At no cost to you and with no payment to them. Please reply again, and let them know if their answer helped you or if not then please say why it didn’t help. Or use the “This helped me” function.

Debit to Vendor
Credit to Bank