transaction no is same in two databases are this proplem

When i want to use data port to transfer data between two tables in different databases how

Database A Database B

cust ledger entry table cust ledger entry table

transaction no is 50 transaction no is 50

Are this will make conflict or not.

Why you are importing data in Cust Ledger entry table ??

Cust ledger entry table automatically updated once customer invoice/credit memo posted.

If you are making any changes in ledger tables which will make your db vulnerable.

I suggest don’t do any upload in ledger tables .Best is upload data in journal tables and post it. It will update the ledger tables.

Thank you amol

but i need for you answer to this questions if possible

these transactions posted before one month and now not found in journals

Now how i take this data and prevent conflict between transactions

Can any way to initialize transaction to every branch or database to take limit range


branch a take limit fro 2000 to 5000

branch b take limit from 6000 to 10000

as above


the purpose from my question that i need to transfer sales data from branch to branch by using data port because i need branch and sub branch asynchronous data in same time .

this will do by exporting data from one branch and exporting in another

because same customer can treat to more branch in same time so that i made this data port

sales header

sales line

sales shipment header

sales shipment line

sales invoice header

sales invoice line

cust ledger entry table

detailed cust ledger entry table

please can you help me if possible

In this case you need to create sales order in new DB (Database 2) and post it accordingly. It will update the respective tables.


But first branch he need to know what happen there because we some times treat with same customer more time in more branches so that we need export data and import by data port

I agree with you

but sales order after he finish we must import it to know what happen in another branches

are any solutions

You need to import data branch by branch…

yes only sales data


if i import transaction no already exist are this will make proplem and why it will make


I am saying you need to import data of sales order and post it…

No im taking about cash i alreadt do before one month are also import it or what

Can you just elaborate in more what is requirement ?

Suddenly Cash ???

Firstly im sorry

i mean to cash is payment to invoice that also register to cust ledger entry table.

but already does what i make in that

the data of payment after that i will take from journal as you told me.

but transaction before what i do in that


First you have to import data of sales order which will create sales invoices after posting

THen you need to import data of cash/payments in general journal with document type and post it .

It will replicate in cust ledger entry and then you can apply invoice against payment and vice versa.

Thank you amol very much